The global leader in desktop 3D printing software is looking for top talent to drive us forward.
See why a career at Simplify3D is right for you.

Work with cutting-edge tech

Compatible with hundreds of 3D printers, Simplify3D holds a commanding position in the global market. Work with leading-edge tech and be part of something big.

Learn and grow

We’re looking for curious learners who aren’t afraid to speak up. This is your chance to use your expertise to help shape a growing company.

Make an impact

3D printing has the power to change our world. For example, Simplify3D works with non-profits to provide affordable prosthetic devices to kids in need.

Be rewarded

Competitive compensation and benefits, plus generous paid time off and great work-life balance.

Serve a global community

3D printing is a global phenomenon. Your contributions will impact Simplify3D users all over the world.

Have fun

3D printing is fun and exciting, but we also love to go on monthly team outings and celebrate software releases!

Join our team and become part of a rapidly growing,
exciting industry where your talent can make a difference.

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