Schools, universities, and makerspaces around the world use Simplify3D to enhance their 3D printing curriculum.
Learn more about how Simplify3D Software helps you and your students master 3D printing technology.

One Software Does It All

3D printers come with many different software options, which can be confusing for students. Simplify3D provides everything you need to prepare 3D designs for printing all in one easy-to-use interface.

Universal Compatibility

Many schools and makerspaces have several different types of 3D printers, each with their own complexities. Because Simplify3D is compatible with more 3D printers than any other software, it ensures a consistent student experience and high-quality prints.

Interactive Print Simulation

Before using valuable print time and filament, students can watch a simulation of their print through the Print Preview. In addition to helping students identify improvements, the Preview provides an excellent teaching tool!

Rapid Iteration

As the fastest 3D slicer on the market, Simplify3D allows students to slice, identify issues, tweak settings, and re-slice their model quickly and easily. This rapid iteration workflow not only leads to better quality, but makes the best use of classroom time.

Total Control

There are no limits to learning when students can toggle and tweak any print setting they desire. Students can change any aspect of their printing settings, preview the impact, then see the final result on their print projects!

Educational Discounts

Whether you’re a university student, instructor, or organization, we have educational licensing options to suit your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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