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Our Biggest Release Ever!

Version 5.0 is packed with new features including a powerful next-generation slicing engine, streamlined user interface, novel support structure tools, massive performance improvements, automated print optimizations, and over 120 highly anticipated feature requests. The software has been redesigned from the ground up to help you push the limits of what’s possible!

Powerful Slicing Intelligence

Our next-generation slicing engine in Version 5.0 performs intelligent optimizations behind the scenes to produce stronger, faster, and less expensive prints automatically! We’ve taken decades of additive manufacturing experience and embedded it into the software so customers can unlock improved prints with a single click.

Adaptive Layer Height

The software dynamically optimizes the layer height based on model topology for the perfect balance of quality and speed.

3D Infill Patterns

Add increased lateral strength using new 3D infill patterns that morph throughout the print creating strong internal structures.

Automated Seam Hiding

Reduce surface defects by automatically adjusting the start points for each layer so that the seam is hidden from view.

Dynamic Infill Density

Dynamically increase the infill density near the top of the part for improved top surfaces and reduced material usage.

WiFi and Ethernet Connectivity

Monitor and control your 3D printer from afar using new WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options in Version 5.0. The software offers seamless integration with popular brands that support network connectivity such as FlashForge, Ultimaker, MakerBot, Dremel, and Qidi.

Supercharged Support Structures

Simplify3D’s industry-leading support structures are even more advanced in Version 5.0. Customize your supports with new bulk editing tools, add strength with support infill patterns, or achieve extensive customization with dozens of other features that give you complete control over this critical aspect of the print.

Rapid Bulk Editing

Quickly add or remove multiple supports with a single click using a collection of new bulk editing tools.

Support Infill Patterns

Choose from a variety of new support infill patterns that create stronger supports for improved stability with tall or challenging prints.

Detailed Customization

Gain more control over your support structures with new customization options for dense supports, printing speeds, sizing, and sequences.

Custom Support Shapes

Supports can now be defined based on a custom 3D model file, unlocking new capabilities for even the most complex prints.

Detailed Build Previews

The cutting-edge Preview Mode in Version 5.0 offers precise visualizations, incredibly accurate build predictions, and extensive metrics that provide valuable insights into the printing process.

  1. Accurate Time Estimates – New algorithms provide highly accurate time predictions with customizable parameters for fine-tuning
  2. New Coloring Modes – New layer height and flow rate coloring modes give improved ways to visualize and validate the printing process
  3. Detailed Preview Statistics – Review tabulated data with the exact time and material usage for each feature type, tool, and process

Upgraded 3D View Controls

Navigate through the 3D environment using completely new zoom and rotation controls that make it easy to inspect the smallest details. Integrated 3D mouse support provides even greater control for an experience that is so intuitive, you will never want to go back!

  • 3D Mouse Support
  • Precision Zooming
  • Dynamic Rotation
  • New Camera Modes

Targeted Build Customizations

Small details make the difference between a good print and a great print. Version 5.0 gives you new ways to target specific scenarios and apply intelligent changes for increased strength, speed, and quality.

Targeted Build Customizations

Seamless CAD Integration

New features strive to create a seamless experience with your favorite CAD or 3D modeling software. Match the 3D control schemes between applications and automatically keep edits to your model geometry in sync.


Customizable Control Schemes

Mouse and keyboard control schemes used to navigate the 3D view can now be matched to popular CAD and 3D modeling programs, making it easy to switch between applications.


Live Tracking of Model Geometry

Modifications to your 3D geometry will be automatically synced with Simplify3D, allowing you to make quick edits to the CAD design without losing any prior build setup details.

Automatic Mesh Repair

Major improvements to mesh processing allow many common mesh errors to be automatically repaired in real-time during slicing. This gives customers the power to print a wider variety of models without having to slow down to manually fix the mesh in advance.

Zero Thickness Surfaces

Many real-world models have zero thickness surfaces that define a shape, but don’t create a valid 3D solid. New algorithms can automatically thicken these surfaces to create printable geometry on the fly.

Overlapping Self-Intersecting Bodies

Self-intersections can create major problems for geometry processing tools, but new software logic automatically heals overlapping bodies to create a successful print without any extra rework.

Mind-Blowing Performance

Version 5.0 achieves major performance breakthroughs that allow you to iterate faster than ever before. Even more impressive is that these gains are relative to Simplify3D V4, which was already an industry leader!

Up to
Faster Geometry Importing
Compared to V4
Up to
Faster Slicing Performance
Compared to V4
Up to
Faster Print Preview Loading
Compared to V4

Unmatched Hardware Support

Version 5.0 is ready for the latest generation of 3D printing hardware, with new features that make it easier to support color mixing or many-to-one extrusion setups, independent extruder (IDEX) motion systems, and much more!


Diverse Extruder Setups

New customization options support mixing and 3-in-1 extruders, along with IDEX and tool changer systems.

Multi Extrusion Simplicity

Easily create sophisticated prints with the new Multi Extrusion Wizard and automatic idle cooldown functionality.

Efficient Priming

Automatically stop the prime pillar and ooze shield after the last tool change to save time and material.

Pre-Calibrated Setup

Version 5.0 includes support for over 90 new 3D printers with settings that were carefully tested and verified in our labs.

Intuitive Settings Management

The Process Settings system in Version 5.0 provides more control, deeper insights, and faster automation for common changes. Profiles can be deeply customized to meet your exact specifications using a variety of new visual editing tools.

Rapid Settings Search

Search for settings by name to locate the exact value you want to change. The interface will automatically navigate to the correct tab and input – ready to accept your edits.

Visual Settings Comparison

Highlight modified settings for quick verification or compare the settings between different profiles to isolate the most important differences.

Automate Common Changes

If you find yourself adjusting the same settings every time you print a specific type of part, you can now automate these changes by defining custom categories that adjust multiple settings with a single click.

Visual Settings Assignment

Choose which automation category will control each setting with a new visual editor. Customize which values are changed by the material selection, quality level, or invent an entirely new category that matches your workflow.

Empowering User Interface

The user interface in Version 5.0 was overhauled with a focus on efficiency. Customizable keyboard shortcuts, new utility toolbars, and quick access right-click menus place the most common controls easily within reach. A new docking sidebar improves access to important dialogs while maximizing available screen real estate. Other notable changes include new model transform tools, visual process zone verification, additional configuration wizards, and an alternate dark mode theme for easy nighttime viewing.

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