Level 2: Intermediate

  • Infill Pattern Basics

    Whether you're looking for a strong infill or an aesthetically pleasing one, Simplify3D has several infill options to choose from.
  • Dense Support Structures

    Save time and filament while getting great support using dense support structures in Simplify3D
  • Customizing Support Structures

    Simplify3D allows you to customize where and how support material is placed on your model, making it easier to remove. This means a better 3D printed result!
  • Cross Section View

    Spot hidden internal features or mesh errors within your 3D models by using the Cross Section View in Simplify3D.
  • The 3D Transform Gizmo

    Learn how to use the 3D Transform Gizmo for more advanced model manipulation.
  • Adding Material and Quality Options

    Edit your material and quality level settings in Simplify3D to gain even more control over your 3D prints.
  • The Dual Extrusion Wizard

    Learn how to create crisp two-color prints quickly and easily with the Dual Extrusion Wizard.
  • Selecting and Grouping Models

    Learn how to make changes to multiple models at a time by grouping them together.
  • Splitting and Aligning Models

    Sometimes you may need to split a model into individual pieces so you can work with each part independently. Other times, you might want to realign parts exactly as they were originally modeled. Simplify3D offers two features to help: Separate Connected Surfaces and Align Selected Model Origins.
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