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  • Simplify3D V2.2 Release
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    Simplify3D V2.2 Release

    The V2.2 release of Simplify3D Software is full of new features that help improve model quality and precision. Here are some of the exciting new options you’ll want to try: Thin Wall Intelligent Fill – This feature gives you all the controls you need to avoid gaps in thin walled parts. Most FFF printers have a fixed nozzle size, which can be troubleso...

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  • STEM Girls Rule
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    STEM Girls Rule

    Simplify3D compresses the time for Nerinx High School STEM students to transition from 3D modeling to 3D printing. We talked about high school 3D printing curriculum with Steven Kuensting, the STEM coordinator for Nerinx High School in St. Louis (a private, Catholic, college-preparatory high school for young women). Steven wanted the young women to start p...

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  • Restoring Excellence
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    Restoring Excellence

    Jim Caruso, also known on the Simplify3D forum as JimC, has taken restoration to new heights. Jim tells us, “I had a 1920’s safe in my shop for a complete renovation.”  The safe had been submerged after Hurricane Sandy, a category 3 hurricane that resulted in $50 billion in damages to US eastern coastal areas in 2012. The owner wanted to return...

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  • Trick or Treat – Why Not Both?
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    Trick or Treat – Why Not Both?

    Today you’re in for a treat, and we’re not trying to trick you!  Just in time for Halloween, Master Illustrator Don Foley, who we’ve written about before, surprises the world with his spooky chain and cuffs.  His files are carefully arranged and tested for success, and Don is offering the STL files for free download at his website. C...

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  • Mom, look at my Raptor Hand!
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    Mom, look at my Raptor Hand!

    Kids these days. Always growing and needing new things. Overnight, their pants are too short. Shoes too small. Sure, that’s inconvenient. But when children outgrow their prosthetics, the financial implications and human implications are staggering. The prosthetic challenge is being addressed by e-NABLE, a global volunteer organization comprised of n...

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