Incredible Performance
Unmatched Print Capabilities

Simplify3D Software contains everything you need to begin making parts on your new 3D printer. Import and manipulate geometry, repair models, generate G-Code instructions, verify toolpaths, manually control your machine, and print parts all from the same program!

Simplify3D Keychain Charms

All-In-One Software Suite

  • One integrated software suite contains everything you need to print high quality parts.
  • Customizable settings and advanced processes put the controls into your hands.
  • Support for dual-extruders, multi-part printing and even multiple processes within one part.


“I formerly used 4 pieces of software – now I just use Simplify3D.”

Unrivaled Slicing Performance

  • Stop waiting for your model to slice and start printing!
  • High-performance algorithms often outpace other software by a 10-to-1 ratio.
  • Even complex parts are sliced in seconds, not minutes.


“This is one crazy fast slicing engine – like 10x faster than what I used before!”

speedtest 500x380
Preview of Torture Test model

Interactive Preview Animation

  • Preview every single movement of your toolpath through an interactive print simulator.
  • Verify all aspects of your build on-screen to identify improvements before you print.
  • Visualize the result of your changes in seconds without wasting print time and filament.


“Previewing my Gcode accelerates my learning curve and reduces surprises.”

Intelligent Support Structures

  • Complete control over support placement while still being simple to use.
  • Get started with the auto-generate support mode.
  • Customize your own supports – location, angle, infill and dimension.
  • Ultra clean removal to minimize damage to your model.


“My favourite feature is being able to place supports exactly where I want them.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 2.10.45 PM

Optimized Multi-Part Printing

  • Apply different print settings to each model in a multi-part build.
  • Spatial organizer for multi-part printing optimizes your print bed capacity.
  • Sequential printing mode for multi-part prints helps maximum the quality of each part.


“I apply unique settings to each part and sometimes different settings within one part.”

Advanced Printing Modes

  • The ability to apply different settings to any layer within a single model!
  • A sparse infill option that prints 2 or 3 fine outline layers for every infill layer.
  • Continuous helical/corkscrew extrusion option for vase or single-outline prints.
  • Print directly from a USB connection for real-time information and optimization.
  • The controls are in your hands; move up to better quality prints now!


“The control is fantastic – it’s like going from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Photoshop.”

Machine Control Panel